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          GROUP DIR, located in Hubei, China - Wuhan, founded in 2004, was founded in 2014, the ten anniversary of the establishment of a group of business management companies, the company has the time to wait for the media, cable and other consultants, the world's direct marketing research institute and direct marketing, and other four wellbet官方登录-Member Companies.

          "Homophonic Dirui" from English abbreviation "DIR", "Dream Into Reality -- a dream come true"! Since its inception, has been rooted in the direct sales industry, focused on the global direct integration and comprehensive services, is committed to the world's most valuable direct sales area, strategic resources and dissemination of radiation in China and the world more than 30 direct sales industry research, business consulting, brand consultants, media communication, education and training, meeting exchange and other areas, to build bridges, integrate powerful government, business, data, academic, brand and multimedia resources, direct marketing system and direct business to provide more professional services and support, and actively promote the industry is energy, promote the healthy development of direct selling industry.

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