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DATA:2015-09-29 17:48 From:DIR Group

Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association has taken a leadership role in Europe in the promotion of direct selling in all its aspects. Seldia represents 28 European,

national, Direct Selling Associations (DSAs).

The Annual European Direct Selling Conference has become in no time the flagship event for the industry in Europe. It is the prime event to meet with the industry’s leading figures, to network and to gather intelligence about the latest commercial and regulatory . This year, we celebrate our 5th edition.

As for each year, the delegates consist of managing level representatives of direct selling companies, distributors, service providers, policy makers, stakeholders and media. Participants will come from all over Europe. Although this is an ‘upon invitation only’ event, it will assure high-level participation from each of the 28 countries in which Seldia has a member DSA..

It’s known that Brian Cai, President of DIR Group has been invited to attend this conference.

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